Godaddy Discount Domain Club Review & Coupon

Godaddy Discount Domain Club is an anuual membership package offered to Godaddy customers that provides tons of savings on your .com, .net, .org and various other domain registrations.

In the past, Godaddy provided plenty of renewal domain coupons when you tried renewing your domains. Lately though, Godaddy cancelled most of the coupon codes.

The best alternative to paying the regular $14.99 fee is to sign up for the Discount Domain Club

Why Join The Discount Domain Club?

It provides many benefits like:

  • $8.99 Domain renewals
  • Free CashParking Annual Membership
  • 5 Free Premium Domain Apprasials
  • DomainAlert Pro Monitoring
  • Free annual Godaddy Auctions Membership

The biggest benefit is the much cheaper domain registrations. If you own more than 10 domains like me, then you will save a lot of money by joining the Godaddy DDC.

Regular Price for .COM registrations = $14.99

Discount Domain Club Price = $8.47

That’s a savings of $6.52 per domain. If you renew just 10 domains per year, then you save $65.20. That’s almost the entire price of the annual membership!

For bulk domain owners, it’s a must to sign up to reduce your annual renewal bill. Another alternative is to switch to another domain registrar.

However, I’ve used Godaddy since 2006 and don’t see myself switching anytime soon. Godaddy has great customer service and a robust product line. The best in the business!

Save 35% on Your Discount Domain Club Registration

I used the following code to save big on my annual club membership.

Use code CJC28OFF1 and enter it in the promo code section on the Checkout page.

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