Godaddy Deluxe Hosting Review 2017

Godaddy is one of the leading shared web hosting companies online and I use them to manage all of my domains as well.

After a fallout with LiquidWeb, I decided to try out Godaddy’s Deluxe Linux Hosting With Cpanel to host the majority of my websites.

In this review, I will go over the Pros and Cons of Godaddy hosting and also share with you some of the benefits and problems I experienced.

Godaddy Pros: Stuff I Like about Godaddy Shared Hosting

I’ve been using Godaddy since I started making money online in 2006. Godaddy probably has the best phone customer service in the business, and if you plan to succeed online, you need 24/7 customer support because something will eventually go wrong.

Godaddy manages all of my domains but I never tried out their hosting services in the past. So I went ahead and purchased the Deluxe Web Hosting Plan because I downgraded from a Liquidweb Dedicated Server to a more affordable shared hosting server.

Cheap Affordable Shared Hosting Under $10

For most people, I recommend shared web hosting because you won’t generate enough traffic to justify a VPS or dedicated server. If your website gets less than 100k visitors per month, then there is no need for a more expensive hosting plan.

There are lots of hosting options available for less than $10 per month that get the job done. Godaddy is great because they are a trusted brand, offer 24/7 phone support and never have any major hosting outages.

You only pay around $5.53 per month when you first sign up. It costs only $8.99 per month to renew your hosting in the future. If you pay in advance, then you save a lot of money in the long run. There are some Godaddy deluxe renewal coupons available but recently none of them are working.

Host Unlimited Websites

I come up with a lot of new website ideas every month so it’s important to be able to easily add a new domain to my hosting without paying any additional fees. Some hosting packages only allow 1 domain per plan, but this gets expensive if you own more than 10+ domains like me.

Godaddy allows unlimited domains, which means I can create tons of cool wordpress sites and host them under 1 account.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Getting unlimited bandwidth in your hosting is really important because you never know when you may experience a traffic spike or surge and need extra resources to handle all the traffic. WPEngine is an example of web hosting that charges based on bandwidth, which can get really expensive once your site starts to grow.

All you need is a simple caching plugin to handle traffic surges and unlimited bandwidth so your bill doesn’t increase a ton.

99.9% Uptime

I’ve been using Godaddy hosting for 4 months now and have experienced zero downtime. Downtime is when your website stops working and visitors cannot access it. It’s really important to find good hosting with little to no downtime or it will cost you traffic, leads and sales.

HostGator and Dreamhost are two Godaddy competitors that are notoriously known for low downtimes. Warrior Forum has dozens of threads complaining about the lack of quality in these 2 companies. I know personally that Dreamhost can have large downtime but never used HostGator.

Godaddy always keeps my sites available and I’ve never had any problems accessing my sites.

1 Click WordPress Install and Easy to Use Cpanel

I use WordPress to manage nearly 100% of my sites, including the one you are reading now. Godaddy deluxe hosting comes with simple 1 Click WordPress installs so I can create a content site within minutes.

Unlike some other budget web hosting, Godaddy comes with Cpanel so you can track your website traffic, monitor email, setup cron jobs, and monitor everything on your shared server.

I always use Cpanel for everything so I prefer a host that offers this simple to use software.

Godaddy Cons: Stuff I Don’t Like

Godaddy offers amazing value for the price but no web hosting is perfect. I have experienced a few problems dealing with Godaddy.

Email Issues

I’ve experienced a few issues logging into Webmail and uses email address for my domains. The first issue came up due to a WordPress plugin issue. This caused my webmail to completely crash. I still am unable to access my email through Godaddy Cpanel but I receive all emails using the Cpanel forwarder to my Gmail account.

The 2nd issue happened when I tried to add a new email address and confirm it in Gmail. I received an error and couldn’t get any emails even though I sent a few using the Compose inbox.

After spending an hour with customer service, I still have this problem so beware of email issues when using Godaddy hosting.

Lack of Renewal Coupons

When you buy your first deluxe hosting account, you only pay around $5 per month depending on which coupon code you use. Godaddy offers you a lower monthly price so they can charge you a flat rate $8.99 per month fee after the coupon runs out.

It’s best to buy your web hosting at least 1 year in advance to benefit from the Godaddy deluxe coupon code. After the initial coupon period runs out, you must pay the regular rate to keep your hosting.

I can easily afford the $9 per month but wish I knew this ahead of time. I would have purchased the annual option instead of 3 months. You basically pay 2x if you don’t buy a long term monthly plan with the coupon code.

Our Grade: B+

Truth is I have experienced problems with everything hosting company out there. You will always run into a few problems whether it’s email issues, hackers, downtime, DdOS attacks or something.

Godaddy provides world class hosting at an amazingly affordable price with 24/7 customer support. While I’ve had a few issues, my sites are always online and ready to make sales. That’s the most important thing to me.

There are a lot of bad hosting companies out there that will give you a headache if you are not careful. Godaddy is one of the better ones in my experience.

I plan to keep my Godaddy deluxe hosting account for a long time because it’s under $10 per month and lets me focus on creating content, helping my visitors and enjoying my free time doing other things that I love.

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